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About Us

Greetings from Bookends!

Bookends is the first digital platform for buying and selling used books online that ships all over the UAE.

Meet our founders 

Founders of Bookends: Grace & Somia


This UAE startup was founded by mompreneurs, Grace and Somia.

Grace is a mother of two enthusiastic readers, Omar and Adam. Somia is also a mother of two avid readers, Zoha and Abdullah. As their kids were growing up, they struggled to refresh their book collections at affordable prices to keep up with their children's appetite. The kids would outgrow the books quickly, and were often ready for a new batch. That is when the concept of Bookends came into being. 

Bookends: An Online Platform for Pre-Loved Books

Bookends offers a huge variety of second hand books at the most affordable prices. Readers can easily buy books and have them delivered, or sell their pre-loved books on our website.

This journey has just begun, and we need your support and patience to keep going! So please feel free to contact us for any feedback or comments.

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Why Bookends?

We believe that reading is a treat for the soul and the mind and should never be taken for granted. Bookends is a marketplace for buying and selling pre-loved books. We have books for all ages and genres. We want to bring back the love of reading by making books more affordable and we want to save the world one book at a time by reusing them.

Why Buy Used Books from Bookends?

1- Environmentally friendly: The sustainable model of buying used books helps to reduce, reuse and recycle. 

2- Affordable prices: Not only is it environmentally friendly, but also, buying used books is much more affordable.

3- Wide variety: Bookends offers over 20,000 books on the platform with around 100 items added daily.