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So Super Stylish

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By: Rose Wilkins;

Language: English

Quality: Good

Genre: Romance, Young Adult,

ISBN: 9780330431354

SKU: BE500431895533

Pages: 262

Description: Octavia always hated the glossy, glitzy, fantastically fake world of Darlinham House - school of choice for loaded young wannabes. Now she's at down-to-earth Jethro Park comprehensive, she can escape the backstabbing and the bitchiness, and finally live a normal life. Can't she? But Octavia's mini-break from the limelight doesn't last. With her mother's love-life hitting the headlines, and starlet-from-hell India Withers rocking up at Jethro Park to research a 'gritty' new film role, Octavia knows that she's heading for the biggest media feeding frenzy of her life. She may be an escapee from the A-list, but when it comes to fame, there's nowhere to hide!