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Partners & Collaborations


Emirates Nature WWF

Emirates nature- WWF, a leading environmental organization, works to conserve our natural heritage by achieving science-based solutions to combat climate change and safeguard our seas, land, and the country's biodiversity. Their vision is to create a world where people and nature thrive together. Your contribution can help preserve the natural wonders of the nation.

To make a donation, visit EMIRATESNATUREWWF    

Directorate of human resources - دائرة الموارد البشرية - خصومات وفر -
Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services (SCHS)

SCHS is a UAE based non-profit organization that is involved in the empowerment and education of those with disabilities. SCHS receives book donations to support their cause which are then sent to Bookends to sell on their behalf. The profits made on the books then go towards funding SCHS activities and projects. You will find all their books in mint condition as good as new.

To support SCHS through Bookends, visit and order at SCHS BOOKS           


Ooread is a line of books that teaches the basics of Arabic to young readers. With its simplified method using both Arabic and English along with its stories and activity books, Ooread is a fun and interactive experience for young readers. The author of the Ooread books is Grace Karim who is also one of the co-founders of Bookends!

To order Ooread books visit: OOREAD BOOK


Thrift For Good | Charity Thrift Shop In Dubai

Thrift For Good

Thrift For Good is a UAE-based social enterprise dedicated to reducing waste and supporting global charity efforts. By collecting and reselling quality preloved items, they promote sustainable fashion and environmental consciousness. All profits go towards funding charity projects, making every purchase a meaningful contribution to global causes. Join Thrift For Good in making a positive impact on the planet and communities in need.

To support Thrift For Good through Bookends, visit and order at TFG BOOKS 


UAE's #1 Female Entrepreneurship HUB —

Its Her Way

Its Her Way is a UAE-based platform that empowers women entrepreneurs by providing a vibrant marketplace for unique, handcrafted products. It offers the tools, resources, and support needed for women to succeed, fostering a community of collaboration and inspiration. Join Its Her Way to discover and support amazing women-led ventures.

To support Its Her Way, visit their website at ITSHERWAY


Radisson Red Dubai

Bookends' unmanned shelf at Radisson Red Dubai combines modern hospitality with a love for books. Situated in this vibrant hotel, the self-service shelf offers a curated selection of preloved books for guests to explore and purchase at their convenience. Discover hidden literary gems and support sustainable reading while enjoying the stylish ambiance of Radisson Red.

To check out our collection at Radisson RED Dubai, visit their location at RADISSON RED


Bookends' unmanned shelf at Powerblendzz blends the love for books with a passion for wellness. Located in a vibrant smoothie bar, this self-service shelf offers a curated selection of preloved books for patrons to explore and purchase at their convenience. Enjoy a refreshing smoothie while discovering hidden literary gems and supporting sustainable reading at Bookends' Powerblendz location.

To check out our collection at Powerblendzz, visit their location at POWERBLENDZZ

Smile by Dr. Noura Clinic

Bookends' unmanned shelf at Smile by Dr Noura Clinic merges wellness with the joy of reading. Nestled within this esteemed dental clinic, the self-service shelf offers a curated selection of preloved books for patients and visitors to explore and purchase at their convenience. Enhance your dental visit with a good read and support sustainable reading practices at Bookends' Smile by Dr Noura Clinic location.

To check out our collection at Smile by Dr Noura Clinic, visit their location at SMILEBYDRNOURA

The Third Place Cafe

Bookends' unmanned shelf at Third Place Café in Abu Dhabi offers a cozy spot for book lovers within the bustling café. This self-service shelf features a curated collection of preloved books, inviting patrons to explore and purchase literary treasures at their leisure. Discover new reads and support sustainable reading at Bookends' Third Place Café location.

To check out our collection at The Third Place Cafe, visit their location at THIRDPLACE