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Scimitar SL-2

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By: Patrick Robinson;

Language: English

Quality: Good

Genre: Action and adventure, Thriller,

ISBN: 9780434011964

SKU: BE500027830080

Pages: 375

Description: The greatest threat to the Western World is not, in fact, a missile or bomb. It is the possibility of a mega Tsunami - the greatest Tidal wave the world has ever seen. There is one place where such a geophysical catastrophe could begin, the volcano Cumbre Vieja, situated on the southwest corner of La Palma in the Canary Islands off the Atlantic coast of North Africa. Surrounded deep underground by a marine cold-water lake that dates back to pre-historic times, a nuclear bomb strategically aimed in the centre of Cumbre Vieja will set off a chain of events that will cause molten lava from the core of the earth to boil the lake in about ten seconds. The resulting pressure will blow the entire mountain into the sea, giving rise to the biggest tidal wave for 4000 years. Nine hours later the 150-foot wave travelling at 400 miles an hour across the Atlantic will hit the United States Eastern Coast flooding it for twelve miles inland from Maine to Miami. The single most dangerous weapon that the middle eastern terrorists possess is a nuclear submarine armed with the submerged launch nuclear missile Scimitar, aimed to detonate bang in the middle of the volcano. The terrorists mean business and they blow first Mt St Helens in Washington State and then Montserrat to prove they know what they are doing. The Pentagon almost have a heart attack but refuse to buckle under a terrorist demand for the US military to evacuate the Middle East entirely. The retired Admiral Arnold Morgan is swept to power, and is back in the White House. Under his leadership, the US Navy must either find the nuclear submarine in a million square miles of Atlantic water or begin the logistically nightmarish evacuation of the entire US East Coast. Depicting a terrorist threat that is all too probable, Scimitar SL-2 is Patrick Robinson at his thrilling best.