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I Like It Like That

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By: Calman, Claire;

Language: English

Quality: Good

Genre: Novel,

ISBN: 9780552770972

SKU: BE500027836262

Pages: 439

Description: Georgia knows exactly who she is - or so she thinks. She's the sensible one, the one who has everything under control, the one everyone turns to for wisdom and advice. Especially the members of her shambolic family - her father, who files his papers in three towering stacks marked 'Urgent', 'Boring' and 'ABP' (Aggravating, But Pays); her brother, who makes his own two children seem positively mature; her stepmother, never without her cures for stress and bowls of chickpeas soaking on the window ledge; and most of all Ellen, Georgia's 'little' sister - twenty-seven, going on fourteen, who leaves a trail of cigarette butts, crumpled clothing and baffled boyfriends in her wake. Thank heavens for Stephen - 'Stephen with a p-h' as he likes to remind people - always calm, always reliable, the perfect antidote to the clutter and chaos of Georgia's family. As long as Stephen's around, she can handle anything - anything except the arrival of a stranger who gatecrashes his way into her life, her family and her heart...and shows her that maybe, just maybe, she's not the person she thought she was.