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Sea Djinn

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By: Linda Davis

Language: English

Quality: Good

Genre: Children Books, Children books Age 9-12, Fantasy,

ISBN: 9789948431626

SKU: BE500027838146

Pages: 266

Description: When Finn Kennedy comes to live in Dubai, he expects to do nothing more adventurous than surf a few good waves. Then he meets Triton, the Sea Djinn, a supernatural being with spectacular powers. Triton reveals that Finn's parents have been kidnapped at sea by Hydrus, the evil Sea Djinn, who is preparing to wage war against Triton's and Finn's worlds in a battle of the Djinns that has been brewing for a thousand years. Triton recruits Finn to his army and bestows on him some of his own powers. Finn, together with his cousin, Georgina, and his friend, Fred, prepares to travel to the underwater lair of Hydrus, far across the sea in the Dark Kingdom, to rescue his parents and fight Hydrus. Along the way the friends meet Mr Violet, no ordinary teacher, who trains them in the skills they will need if they are to have any chance of surviving. Their training is cut short when they are in grave danger and must escape. They steal a boat and set sail for the Dark Kingdom... The first instalment of Linda Davies' celebrated Djinn Quartet. Join Finn, Georgie and Fred on their epic adventure through the seas, mountains and wild deserts of Arabia as the children fight to save their world from Dark power in Sea Djinn, Fire Djinn, Storm Djinn and King of the Djinn.