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Winging it

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By: Annie Dalton;

Language: English

Quality: Good

Genre: Children Books, Children books Age 9-12,

ISBN: 9780006754848

SKU: BE500027841728

Pages: 127

Description: Melanie Beeby, just thirteen has been permanently removed from the late 20th Century by a speeding joy rider. She is elevated to another place where she attends Angel School. She loves her new 'home' and schoo - it's far more fun than her old one and there are hardly any rules. She bonds with Orlando, Lola and Reuben - all angels from a different time and place. They are asked to join an elite trouble-shooting group Angels Unlimited her are sent to earth present, past and future] to sort out problems. Their headmaster/boss, the archangel Michael, sends them on a trial mission to London during the Blitz. Mel breaks the only rule - she materialises as a human - yet manages to come out top of the class. She is given her angel name - Helix - and comes up with her perfect teen outfit 'To me this look says committed, it says now, it says ready for action. I mean, I'm an angel, so I should look divine, right?'