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Jewels and Jolly Rogers

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By: Dan Jerris;

Language: English

Quality: Good

Genre: Young Adult,

ISBN: 9780734410757

SKU: BE500027855086

Pages: 82

Description: Al and Owen head back to the Dragon Blood Islands, this time without Al s sister, Hally. Captain Gunner and his crew are getting ready to sail for Cannibal Island in search of treasure. They sneak past Blacktooth s fort and make it safely to the island, only to find gruesome shrunken heads hanging from the trees, moaning and chanting, Dinner you ll be! Soon, however, Al discovers the heads are made out of rubber. They discover an old lady hidden inside a hollow tree, and she leads them to her village, deep within the island. The chief of the island explains that many years ago, Vicious Victor attacked them, taking all their gold, and leaving them dirt poor and starving. Afterwards, they came up with the idea of making the shrunken heads to frighten him in case he came back. They decide to use this idea to scare off Blacktooth, who s been following them, so they make some more shrunken heads bearing Captain Gunner s and the crew s faces. Meanwhile, they head out and burn down Blacktooth s fort. Victorious, Captain Gunner s crew then go back to search for the hidden treasure, and uncover a fortune, which they share with everyone in the village. Fun activities and teachers' guides available to download from the website