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The Shark Mutiny

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By: Patrick Robinson;

Language: English

Quality: Like New

Genre: Action and adventure, Thriller,

ISBN: 9780712680431

SKU: BE500326902245

Pages: 385

Description: It is the year 2006, and a succession of massive underwater explosions has left three of the world's largest oil tankers burning fiercely in the middle of the Strait of Hormuz. United States military intelligence conclude that the Iranians have finally carried out their long-standing threat to lay a minefield across the narrow seaway leading to the Persian Gulf. Worse yet, they plainly did it with the active assistance of the People's Rebublic of China. As world oil prices go berserk, Admiral Morgan, the US President's National Security Adviser, order the US Navy instantly into the area - five carrier battle groups, sixty ships, while the minesweepers go desperately to work. Iran can be contained. But Admiral Morgan rounds on China, and develops a plan to eliminate their brand-new oil refinery in Hormuz, and then flatten their equally new Navy base in Burma. In the dead of night, the Navu SEALS go in, delivered by the ageing submarine USS Shark, for two sensational clandestine attacks. But in Burma they are on the run, pursued by the Chinese across the long, flat rice-growing deltas of the Bassein and Irrawaddy rivers. The scenario is lethal. Shark's Commanding Officer decides he cannot risk everything to save the twelve SEALS. But the crew is uneasy. Everyone knows the SEALS have never left a man alone on the battlefield, dead or alive. They face the oldest moral problem in naval warfare: to risk the lives of everyone and the ship, to save a handful of men.. A chilling restless tale of modern warfare.