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Excess Baggage

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By: Judy Astley;

Language: English

Quality: Good

Genre: Novel,

ISBN: 9780552998420

SKU: BE500516863497

Pages: 286

Description: Lucy thought she was well past the stage of going on holiday with her family. Her sister Theresa (all black velvet hairbands and nannies) was into improving visits to Tuscany while brother Simon (still worrying about being orphaned, although his own children have become ghastly teenagers) goes away on tidy fortnights with his teacher wife Plum. Lucy, a painter with no husband, no boyfriend, an expired lease on her flat and a twelve-year old daughter, is happy enough to get away, however, particularly when her parents Shirley and Perry decide that they want to treat them all to a Proper Family Holiday, just like they used to have when Lucy, Theresa and Simon were little. But now there are husband, wives and children to contend with, and instead of a rented house in Devon they're going to a hotel on the Caribbean island of St George. Each member of the family wants something different from the holiday and each one, in his or her different way, sets out to get it.