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By: Iris Johansen

Language: English

Quality: Like New

Genre: Crime, Novel,

ISBN: 9780330419437

SKU: BE500516867384

Pages: 376

Description: For brilliant arson investigator Kerry Murphy the inferno is never far away. But only she knows why she and her sniffer dog Sam are so gifted at what they do. The flames of that long-ago night still burn in her nightmares: the heat, the choking smoke, the helplessness. She can never run fast enough ...but nightmares are just nightmares and Kerry's put the past behind her - hasn't she? All is about to change in the time it takes to strike a match. From the ashes of yet another tragedy a stranger appears, calling himself Silver. He wants Kerry's help to track down a psychopath who is leaving gruesome, fiery deaths in his charred wake - a human monster determined to bring his own private vision of hell to earth. But the killer Kerry is supposed to find has already found her ...and now his burning obsession threatens to ignite and destroy her world. Kerry's one hope is Silver, a man without allegiances, who answers to no-one - a dangerous man who seems to know Kerry's mind almost as well as she does. To have any chance of survival, Kerry will have to reach deep into the very past that has already nearly destroyed her and do what she hoped she'd never have to do ...fight fire with fire.