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Wolven. Di Toft

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By: Di Toft;

Language: English

Quality: Good

Genre: Children Books, Children books Age 9-12, Science fiction,

ISBN: 9781905294909

SKU: BE500582852867

Pages: 292

Description: Wolven is a fantasy firmly rooted in the mysterious present. A boy and his eccentric grandparents live near a strange wood-apparently cursed. Nat longs for a dog-but the dirty ungainly farm creature finally found by his grandfather hardly fits his image of the perfect pet. But it's only when his dog starts to grow human ears that he realises that something is seriously wrong. The truth is stranger than his wildest dreams-the boy who appears is a shape-shifting werewolf in reverse. Woody is one of a noble breed of Wolven driven into hiding centuries before only to be rediscovered by evil government scientists who intend to breed werewolves as weapons. Can Nat and Woody save the day?