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The 3 U-turns Of My Life: Love-race-destiny

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By: Jitendra Gianchandani

Language: English

Quality: Good

Genre: Novel, Romance,

ISBN: 9789382665274

SKU: BE500602853901

Pages: 272

Description: Manav Modi and Deepak Mehra are poles apart - one down to earth, other flamboyant; one introvert, other overtly loud; one aspiring to be rich, the other born with a silver spoon. Except their feelings for Urvashi, they have nothing in common. Yet, they are 'friends'. They part ways, only to come together in a web of destiny that puts them against each other, testing their friendship, love, patience, and even their choice of a profession! "CAs are very conservative and live meagre lives like cockroaches, unlike flamboyant MBAs," he had said. And my race with an MBA inspired me to be the best and greatest chartered accountant. Ever. The 3 U-Turns of My Life?