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Twenty-One Days

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By: Mohannad Halaby;

Language: English

Quality: New

Genre: Autobiography - Biography, Guide,

ISBN: 9781785543104

SKU: BEAMP900035

Pages: 152

Description: 'My best memories are made of both hard and good times, and happened to begin at the time I was standing on the balcony of my home, watching the flying pigeons and noticing a Letter M in their arrangement with a lovely White Pigeon showing clearly.'When the author, Mohannad Halaby, is given potentially tragic news about his physical health, his mental wellbeing also becomes enveloped in darkness. With the aid of some wise elders Halaby embarks on a journey to seek the truth, with the help of God's words. However his journey of discovery takes him far away from his home, to a school in Dubai where he becomes disheartened by the corrupt nature he finds there.One teacher stands out like the lovely White Pigeon he remembers so significantly, but this perfect and innocent young woman is married with a daughter. Halaby must be honest with his needs but must abide by the Lord's words. This is a reflection of his struggle and the truth.