Thankfulness The Art

Sheeba Hasnain

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By: Sheeba Hasnain

Language: English

Quality: New

Genre: Guide,

ISBN: 9789948368526

SKU: BESHH900001

Pages: 64

Description: When we come across the news and incidents causing all kinds of destruction in our society; Did we ever think the root cause of it. And the answer is, " Lack of thankfulness deep in heart."Thankfulness is a key to Love, Peace, Tolerance, and Happiness." Let's impart this positive feeling of Thankfulness all around and the Earth would be Paradise for us."Mrs. Sheeba Hasnain Author of " Thankfulness: The Art " says it's her contribution towards society, and her own initiative to spread peace by power of good words and thoughts. It's a book that lights up our life."



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